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777 – Crowley, Aleister

Book 4 – Crowley, Aleister

Book of Black Magick - Waite

Book of Correspondences - Llewellyn

Book of Lies – Crowley, Aleister

Book of Sacred Magic, Abramelin - Mathers

Book of the Law – Crowley, Aleister

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft - Buckland, Raymond

Ceremonial Magic - Regardie

Complete Magician’s Tables – Skinner & Rankine

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs – Cunningham, Scott

Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients - Rosean

Encyclopedia of Natural Magic – Greer, John Micheal

Equinox – Crowley, Aleister

Foundations of Magic - O'Neill

Foundations of Practical Magic - Regardie

General Theory of Magic - Mauss

Golden Dawn - Regardie

Hex and Spellwork - Herr

High Magic – U.D., Frater

Holland’s Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences - Holland

Holy Books of Thelema – Crowley, Aleister

Key of Solomon the King - Mathers

Key to Solomon’s Key – DuQuette, Lon Milo

Lesser Key of Solomon - Peterson

Liber Aleph – Crowley, Aleister

Liber Kaos – Carroll, Peter

Liber Null & Psychonaut – Carroll, Peter

Living Wicca – Cunningham, Scott

Lords of the Left Hand Path - Flowers

Magical Journal - Llewellyn

Magick – Crowley, Aleister

Other wall calendars (moon, witches, oils, etc) - Llewellyn

Practical Candleburning Rituals – Buckland, Raymond

Principles of Hermetic Philosophy – Fortune, Dion

Psychic Protection – Dennings & Phillips

Psychic Self-Defense – Fortune, Dion

Ritual Magic - Tyson

Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn - King

Tarot: Mirror of the Soul – Ziegler, Gerd

Techniques of High Magic - King

The Craft – Morrison, Dorothy

The Witch’s Bible – Farrar, Janet & Stewart

Three Books of Occult Philosophy – Tyson / Agrippa

Veritable Key of Solomon – Skinner & Rankine

Wicca, Guide for Solitary Practitioner – Cunningham, Scott

Wisdom of the Elements - McArthur

and many more titles!

Please Note: The lists of books and tarot/oracle decks are not comprehensive! They represent some of our most popular products, but we carry much more than this, and we can always take requests if we don't have what you're looking for in stock! 

Tarot and Oracle

Tarot prices range between $30.09 - $37.99

Oracle prices range between $23.89 - $38.94

Akashic Tarot (oracle)

Angel Meditation cards

Angel Tarot

Animal Totem

Archeon Tarot

Casanova Tarot

Celestial Tarot

Celtic Lenormand

Chrysalis Tarot

Crow Tarot

Crystal Power Tarot, the

Dark Goddess Oracle

Draconis Tarot

The Enchanted Love Tarot

Fairy Tarot

Forest of Enchantment Tarot

Gay Tarot

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Goddess on the Go

Golden Dawn 

Good Tarot

Gypsy Oracle cards

Hermetic tarot

Hoodoo Tarot

Illuminati Tarot, the

Journey to the Goddess Realm

King Solomon

Lovers Path Tarot, the

Magical Nordic Tarot

Marseilles tarot

Playing Marseille Tarot (deck and book)

Masonic tarot

Morgan Greer Tarot

Morgan Greer Tarot (in a tin)

Mythic Oracle

Native American tarot

Psychic tarot (oracle)

Rider Waite - Giant

Rider Waite - Original 1909

Rider Waite - Radiant (in tin)

Rider Waite - Regular

Robin Wood Tarot

Rune set ( Poplar wood)

Rune set (Ox bone)

Santa Muerte oracle

Secrets of a Mystic Grove

Shadowscapes tarot

Shaman Wisdom (oracle)

Steampunk Tarot Mini

Soul Cats Tarot

Spirit, Tarot of the

Tarot de la Nuit

Tarot Guide Spread Sheet

Thelema tarot

Thoth – Pocket (Blue)

Thoth – Large (Green)

Thoth – Regular (Purple)

Universal Tarot Professional edition

Vision Quest tarot

Wildwood Tarot

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