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Tarot Readings and Consultations


Book by phone: (416) 656-6564

or by email:

The Current Rates  and Readers


Consultations: $50 | Readings: $70

April 1st Consultations $60 Readings $80

What’s the difference?

Consultation: The purpose of a consultation is for the reader to hear your situation and help you find a solution. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to do the spell you need. We suggest this option for people who know what they want to do but not necessarily how to do it.


Reading: In a reading, you’ll get all the instructions that come with a consultation, but you’ll also get a personal tarot or energy reading from one of our readers, who will interpret what they see in regards to your situation. With a reading, you know the spell you’re given is the best one for your specific needs. We suggest this option for people who want a little bit more insight into what the best path may be for their situation, or those who aren’t quite sure exactly what they need.

Do I need an appointment?

It's preferred, but not mandatory — we are happy to accept walk-in readings, but we can't guarantee that someone will always be available. If you wish to work with a specific reader, it is best to make an appointment so you can have your choice. 

Regarding walk-ins, give us a call and we can let you know if someone is available that day!

Phone appointments are still available upon request and must be booked in advance.

Be Informed!

Many people are unethical and will take advantage of someone who is hurt, vulnerable, or in need.

If someone is helping you by doing spiritual work for you, make sure that you are truly receiving help. Sadly, it is a common practice to charge an innocent victim hundreds or thousands of dollars for completely false spiritual work. It is almost always better to do the work yourself and invest in your own healing.

Our Readers' role is to help you learn the best ways to help yourself and be empowered.


What to expect from a Reading:

  • A private reading space where you can express yourself safely.

  • Complete confidentiality on behalf of your Reader.

  • A clear recommendation on what course of action to take, if any, to address your situation.

What our Readers will do for you:

Through a combination of Tarot and psychic work, sometimes with the addition of Runes, Palmistry, or Astrology, our Readers will try to answer your questions and explain clearly what comes up in the cards.

Our Readers will also recommend what they feel is the best course of action for you to take to amend the spiritual problems in your life. This can be through practical work such as lifestyle changes as well as spiritual work such as spellcraft, meditation, prayer, and ritual.


What our Readers will NOT do for you:

No one can fix everything in your life by waving a magic wand. Getting a reading doesn’t automatically fix all the problems in your life. To fix your problems, you have to be willing to take responsibility for your own life.


A reading is a window of insight into the current hidden aspects of your life, as well as way to get a fresh perspective on your past, current and potential future situations.

Biographies of the Readers



Chris has been a Tarot reader for over 18 years. Chris became a permanent reader at the Occult Shop in 2007. Since then, he has dedicated his life to providing compassionate guidance for a myriad of questions and concerns from his beloved clients. Chris is both a reader and a life coach, as he believes these are integral components to providing practical information to move through the crossroads at which we stand.


Moira is an intuitive empath who has been reading Tarot for about 45 years. Working with Spirit Guides, Moira uses her clairvoyant abilities along with Oracle and Tarot cards during her readings to assist her in gaining the best possible answers. She believes in empowering her clients to make the best possible decisions.


Starre is a clairvoyant medium. Her main technique is called Energy Channeling, meaning she uses no tools. She taps into your energy and is able to see what’s around you and what’s to come. She has been using her gifts for over 20 years and prides herself on her accuracy.

Readings are explained in detail so that the client has a full understanding of the messages Starre receives surrounding the personality of the individual and how their actions will manifest in the present and in the future.


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of beloved reader and longtime shop fixture, Rod Bennien. Rod passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 27th, 2022. 

R.G. “Rod” Bennien - Tarostar

March 25, 1942 – April 27, 2022

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