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Swords, Athames and Daggers

Images and prices coming soon..

Prices range from $35.59- $249.55

Arming Medieval Foe-Hammer Beater Movie Short Dagger

Assassin Creed Sword Breaker Dagger

Ceremonial Sweeping Celtic Knot Dagger

Chronicles of Narnia Dagger Black

Crescent Medieval Drinking Horn with Brown Leather Holder

Endless Gaelic Knot Sgain Dubhs Dagger

French King's Divinity Fleur De Lis Dagger

King Arthur Crown Court Dagger

Knights Templar Soldiers of Christ Medieval Dagger

 Medieval Common Man Suede Belt Pouch

Medieval Golden Suede Leather Pouch

Medieval Hawk Wood Leather Sword Frog Black

Medieval Pen Dragon Leather Sword Frog Brown

Obey Me Small Ornate Dragon Decorative Fantasy Dagger Knife

Order of the King Ceremonial Dagger

Ornate Asclepius Dagger of Medicine

Ornate Red Dragon Decorative Fantasy Dagger Knife

Rite of Passage Handmade Horn Pendant

Rustic Barbarian Hammerhead Battle Axe

Scottish Gaelic Sgain Dubhs Celtic Dagger Knife

Scottish Gaelic Sgian Dubh Dirk Dagger Knife

Sinharaja Forest Outdoor Hunting Hand Forged Dagger

Subconsciously Conscious Violet Suede Leather Pouch

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